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Founded in 2010, Crossroads Eurasia aims to get students to discover Russia for themselves. With an internship, students do something for their resume, while constantly interacting with native Russian speakers. 

Our internships take students away from Moscow and St. Petersburg and maximize daily exposure to the language and culture. 

For students aspiring to integrate the Russian language or regional expertise into their careers, the program is a natural stepping stone into sought-after internships, jobs, fellowships, and graduate study.

Crossroads Eurasia has over 100 alumni, many of whom have gone on to do Russia-related work in the policy, business, and NGO communities.


Vlad Gorshkov, Project Coordinator

Crossroads Eurasia is an experience that I wish I could have had when I was a student — a “live-and-observe” experience, not a classroom experience. I’m an eager traveler and have visited over 45 countries. At Crossroads, I am the liaison between the students and the local coordinators, making sure that expectations are aligned and the students are ready to travel. I am based in London.

Martina Bozadzhieva, Co-coordinator

Living, working, and studying in a different country can a life-changing experience. In co-founding Crossroads, I wanted to give students an opportunity to benefit from such an experience and to create the life-long friendships that enrich how we understand and relate to a country like Russia. I support Crossroads in its marketing and alumni engagement. I live in London.

Oksana Pyscheva, Voronezh City Coordinator

Hello! I am the coordinator of international students in Voronezh and am separately the director of a language school in Voronezh, where I offer Russian language courses to international students and guests. I hope to give you a chance to experience as much of my city as possible — to meet people, and to come away with an excellent work experience. When you return home, I hope that you will remember Voronezh with a smile.

Tatiana Zakharova, Ryazan City Coordinator

During the school year, I am a Social Studies and English language teacher at a local private school a major goal of which is to promote creativity and critical thinking among its pupils. I am a big fan of international exchange and volunteering programs. 


Elena Kotlyarova, Kostroma region coordinator

Hello! My name is Elena. I’m a teacher by profession and for a long time worked in Moscow (with a stop in California along the way). Our summer camps unite internationally minded children and adults who bring a positive attitude and want to do something good for others. It’s a truly wonderful atmosphere that I hope you can be a part of it. I look forward to seeing you!

Oliver McKenzie, Recruitment advisor

I was a student in my second year with little experience of Russia when I came across Crossroads. Through my internship, I experienced a country that has fascinated me and propelled me into a year’s living and studying in St Petersburg, an experience that inspired many of my life choices. Now I’m back in Scotland, soon to embark on my final year of Russian and Philosophy. At Crossroads, I manage our flow of applications and make sure that applicants are offered the best match from the internships we have on offer.


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