Application deadline

Our start dates are flexible, so we have a rolling deadline.

We must receive your application at least 2.5 months from your preferred start date (i.e. to start in early June, you must apply by mid-March).

In certain circumstances, we can organize your trip quicker. Please highlight in your application if less than 2.5 months remain before your preferred travel date. We will see what we can do.

We will conduct an interview with you within one week of receiving your application. Within two weeks, we will tell you if we have a spot for you, and will send you an offer letter if we do.

After you receive our offer, you have one week to make your decision. You accept by placing a security deposit (see costs page).

If you reject, we will offer your spot to someone else. You can reactivate your application at a later date, but we cannot guarantee a new placement will be available.

Not many people who travel abroad are able to make friends with so many natives of the region they visit, especially with study abroad trips that restrict your communication to students from your own country.

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