Internship options

    • Length: One to three months.
    • Timing: Summer (unless noted). We align the start date to your availability and preference.
    • Work experience:  None required.
    • Minimum age: At least 17 when you apply.
  • Combinations: These are possible (e.g. teach and do translation in one summer).
  • Minimum Russian proficiency: Check individual options. The lowest for any option is 2 semesters. 

Learn the tools of the trade from an accomplished local translator. Try these out on a variety of texts, from basic documents to longer commercial and artistic works. Great for those who prefer to work with documents and those thinking about a career in translation. 

Field research

Ever wonder what Russians actually think about something? Learn the basics of field research from a local expert and let them guide your work. Explore Russia at street level on a theme of your choice. At the end, share your findings in a newspaper-style article.

Teaching English

Learn basic teaching techniques from experienced local teachers. Put these skills to work, helping students young and old improve their English. A classic work experience — a good taste of what teaching English abroad after graduation would be like.  

Camp counseling

Work alongside Russian co-counselors and help bring to life this extra-ordinary summer camp through sports, theater, and the outdoors. An experience that is all about children. A high-energy, team-spirited, and friendly way to meet Russia first hand.

Non-summer work experience

Outside of the summer, we offer position teaching English and translation projects. We are flexible in what we can do, when, and for how long (including less than one month or more than three). Please contact us if you are interested.  


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Internship options

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