Internship options

    • Length: One to three months.
    • Timing: Summer (unless noted). We align the start date to your availability and preference.
    • Combinations: These are possible (e.g. teach and do translation in one summer).
  • Academic credit: Yes, internships qualify.
  • Work experience:  None required.
  • Minimum age: At least 18 when you apply.
  • Minimum Russian proficiency: From at least 2 semesters to at least 4. See individual options for details. 
Teaching English

This work experience is about public speaking, managing a classroom, and learning teaching techniques. It is especially helpful if you are thinking about teaching English abroad after graduation.


Highly immersive and focusing on work with text and documents, this experience is for those who want to perfect their Russian and see what working in translation is about.    

Camp counseling

Located at a highly sought-after summer camp, this experience uses sports, theater, and the outdoors to immerse children in the English language and teach them to be responsible global citizens. Working alongside Russian co-counselors, you help bring this camp to life.

Journalism / field research

This internship is about exploring Russia at street-level. A local expert introduces you to the basics of field research and guides you through the process, focusing on a theme of your choice. At the end, you write a newspaper-style article based on your findings. A language tutor will help you if you choose to write in Russian. Strong Russian-language work is published in, a popular Voronezh newspaper.

Non-summer work experience

Outside of the summer, we offer position teaching English and translation projects. We are flexible in what we can do, when, and for how long (including less than one month or more than three). Please contact us to share some thoughts about what you would like to do and we will see how we can accommodate.  


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