“Translation was absolutely fantastic. The work was different every day, allowing my Russian to improve tremendously. My host family (who were more like host friends :D) was so nice. My summer in Voronezh is certainly not one I will soon forget!”

Kailey K.

Learn the tools of the trade from an accomplished local translator. Try them out on a variety of texts, from basic documents to longer commercial and artistic works. Great for those who prefer to work with documents and those thinking about a career in translation.

Q: What is it like?

pThis internship combines instruction from a professional translator and assistance with a variety of Russian to English translation projects. It kicks off with a seminar on the tools of translation with a local expert on the tools of the trade. Once or twice per week thereafter, as you work on your project, you will be able to meet with them and discuss any issues that have come up. 

Translation is project-based work.

A Voronezh-based translation agency, our partner for nearly a decade, has gotten students involved in a variety of work — from websites to marketing materials to press articles to bank statements, showcasing the types of work a professional translator would see day-to-day.  

This year, we’re also excited to partner with the author of a series of audio-guides on the history of Russian regions, with a focus on the stories of aristocratic manor houses that dot the countryside — an ideal project for those with an interest in history.  

Translation is project-focused, and the actual work will depend on what is available at the time. That said, we will aim to match the projects with your interests.  

Your internship will be part-time (i.e. 20 hours per week), so you will still have time to spend with friends, explore the city, and pursue any other interests you have.

Q: Where will I work?

We source translation work from a number of organizations, including both translation agencies and companies needing help on one-off projects. Your work may take place on-site or off-site (e.g. at a cafe), or some combination of the two. 

Q: Where will I live?

You will stay with one or more host families (depending on the length of your program).

Your homestay is a place to rest and a glimpse into Russian family life. Your host family will likely be out during the day, so you won't get a steam bowl of fresh borscht every day. But, you do get a chance to sit together at the dinner table and chat about their day and yours. It's an experience you cannot replicate in a classroom.

Q: Is my Russian good enough to participate?

Translation requires at least 4 semesters of university-level Russian or equivalent. Heritage speakers are also welcome.

As part of the application process, we may ask you to take a short language test.

Q: How much Russian practice do I get?

You practice Russian basically everywhere. Your work will involve English, of course. However, outside of that, you can speak as much Russian as you like. With your host family, with your colleagues, students (if you have any), their friends... this internship is as immersive as you want to make it.

For that bit of extra practice, a tutor will be around twice per week to help you clear up anything you don't understand. Less focused on grammar and more on language use, these individualized sessions will help you better absorb what you see and hear.

Q: What about free time?

It will be a combination of the planned and spontaneous. You will have a few planned weekend activities, like a trip to a museum or a nearby town. Spontaneous opportunities will fill the other time. These will probably involve colleagues from your workplace or your host family. You are a special guest for these people, and it's almost inevitable that you will spend time with them.

Q: When does it take place?

Internships take place during the summer, with start dates at roughly two-week intervals in May, June, and July. The application will ask you for your travel preferences. We will aim to get you started as close to your preferred start date as we can.

For logistical reasons, we require at least 4 weeks of participation. The maximum amount of time you can stay for a summer internship is 12 weeks.

Q: Where does this internship take place?

This internship takes place in Voronezh. Read a description of it on the locations page.

Getting there is easy. Once you are accepted into the program, we will send you instructions on what city/airport you need to fly to and when. Our representative will meet you there.

Q: How much does it cost?

For a list of program fees for the different internship types and other estimated costs you may incur, see costs page

Q: How do I apply?

Fill out the application on the apply page. The application will ask you questions about your preferences for the type of work you want to do and the timing of your travel.

Q: When is the deadline to apply?


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